You might  wanna live your life king size… or do whatever you like… or dance throughout the night… You might wanna collect exotic sea shells, or get lost in the coconut plantations , or get drenched (and salty) in the sea water… or perhaps fall in love with the mouth watering cuisine…whatever you wanna do…Goa will not fail to leave you spoilt for choice…trust me!

This Puja Vacation, me and a few friends from office just packed our bags and flew to Goa and had a blast!

My advices…

  1. Don’t take a taxi or a tour guide to go places in Goa. Instead go to the local bazaar and ask for a bike or a car on rental basis. These fellows give away cars and bikes at unbelievably low prices…let Google be your tour guide! Enjoy the rides amidst narrow country lanes with lush green fields and towering coconut trees on the either side.
  1. Book your stay in South Goa if you’re someone who enjoys solitude and loves riding on absolutely traffic free roads humming love songs of the yore. We booked Guesthouse Xavier at Benaulim and had a wonderful stay there. The locals are very friendly and helpful.
  1. Goa, as you must have imagined by now, is a sea food heaven. Must have food includes Squids, Prawns, Lobsters, Vindaloo and Pomfrets. Booze is sold in every streetside stall. You must try the local favourite, “Feni”, prepared from Cashew and Coconut. You’ll end up asking for more. But don’t forget to bring home at least one packet of Bebinca from the local sweets shop . Bebinca is a Goanese delight every person traveling to Goa must essentially taste!
  1. Instead of sleeping till late in the day… Consider waking up prior to sunrise and taking a stroll to the nearest beach (Ours was Benaulim Beach). Watch the sun majestically rise up from between the perfectly lined coconut trees… Witness the fishermen doing their daily chores…. and do take take a deep breath when you listen to the sea waves roaring majestically amidst the serenity of the morning calm…you will find all your troubles fade away! And you’ll once again be thankful to God for this wonderful world! Watch out for the street mongrels though. They tend to follow you.

PS: Don’t forget to take a boat ride on the way to Aguada Fort if you don’t want to miss the spectacular somersaults pefrormed by the dolphins!! And you’ll witness the most spectacular sunset from the Cinquerim Beach just near the Aguada Fort area. Sunset cruse at Mandovi beach will take your breath away!


Quaint and homely. The people are awesome and helpful. They are willing to go that extra mile to make the visitors smile. A visit early in the morning to the Benaulim beach will fill your pockets with exotic sea shells!!

Old Goa

This place is crowded with tourists of all shapes and sizes… But trust me… you will enjoy the old world charm of the place. The place might make your faith in God stronger. ..


Ask any person who has been to Goa about a beach he would recommend…Calangute would as if slip out of his tongue!! The beach is crowded with people…You might want to indulge yourself in some adventure sports here…try to bargain a bit more with the package providers…The food here is delicious!

Baga Beach

Those who wanna party hard come here… The place is full of musical vibes that will set you at once in motion!! Stay put there… You would love the exotic collections of the flea market…