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The Story So Far


About Us

The Story so far…

We are a bunch of friends, based in North East India who started like you did…attending schools and colleges to chase percentages and degrees, somehow getting jobs and then chasing targets for our companies. Weekends were the only times for hanging out to some place where the mobile network could not reach us!

But somewhere down the line, questions do creep up in our minds don’t they? Is our life meant just to chase targets for our companies or is it for chasing our dreams? You can just wait until your retirement age when you are drained off from all your energy and spirit or you could just grab this second and take the leap for a life that is worth living.

One fine morning we resigned from our jobs and started working on making a travel company unlike any other. At Hill Rovers, you are encouraged to indulge in the pleasures of travelling according to your tastes and likes…and oh! without burning a hole into your pockets.

So why wait? Let the travel bug bite you and take you to the destinations that you have always dreamed of! Dream…dare…and finally discover 😉


If the travel bug bites you, call us for remedy!

We offer travel packages that are tailor made for your specific needs. Adventure travel, spiritual quests, honeymoon tours for lovebirds, wildlife enthusiasm, biking or camping, trekking, you name it, we design the tour for you! Our travel itineraries include places in India and beyond.

Being enthusiastic about the North East India and in an attempt to showcase it’s rich wildlife, biodiversity and cultural diaspora, we also present for you special tours and packages for North East India, which is bound to leave you spellbound for years to come!

India is a land of festivals and we do not actually need a reason or season to celebrate. Hence special tailor made tours are arranged so that you discover the true colours and flavours of India.

For the wordsmiths out there, please share your lovely travelling experiences with us. It would be a pleasure to share your exciting stories and your favourite moments in our blog!

Whatever your travel needs, just keep your wanderlust mode turned on and let us tackle the rest for you 😉

For our travelers:

We being passionate travellers, are passionate to make you go places as well. Hence we offer to you destinations that are out of the box and are tailored according to your desire…and oh! At prices that are sure to make you jump with joy!

Be it sipping your hot cuppa in the wetness of Mawsinram or be it ogling at the huge orb of the moon reflecting from the mystical Pangong lake, we at Hill Rovers will make sure of experiences which you will cherish..for a lifetime!